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The TAD – PV DRILLING V successfully operated 24-hour anchor handling in Brunei

On 25 July, 2023 at BSP’s bimonthly meeting for operation review in Brunei, the barge captain Nguyen Cao Thong – on behalf of the TAD – PV DRILLING V rig of Petrovietnam Drilling and Well Service Corporation (PV Drilling), was awarded by BSP for the first time to successfully operate 24-hrs anchor handling on PV DRILLING V rig move from FADP-04 to IDDJ-01.

Anchor handling (including anchor handling and recovering) is among the important steps while moving the rig to the new place. During PV DRILLING V’s anchor handling operations, the most difficult task was how to handle and retrieve 2/8 anchors whose wires had to go below the platform bridge. This is the connection between the two platforms, which requires the technical crew on one hand to comply with current safety regulations on the other hand to successfully implement the activity of anchor handling and recovering in the soonest time. Another challenge can be mentioned here is that during the anchor handling operations, 4/8 anchor pennant buoys – the tools used to assist for anchor recovering – was missed, making it difficult for locating and recovering the anchors at the sea bottom. However, with the long wide practical experience of the technical crew, all the anchors have been fully recovered.

 The barge captian Nguyen Cao Thong, on behalf of the TAD - PVDRILLING V received the award from BSP in Brunei.

Previously, anchor handling was only conducted during daytime in good light conditions. This is the first time the TAD – PV DRILLING V performed 24-hour rig move activities with well-preparation of manpower and equipment as well as risk-prevention plans including taking the weather, darkness, etc. into account. For manpower, the client allocated one more experienced tow master on the TAD and one more shift crew on AHV ship (the shift used for anchor handling and recovering) to ensure adequate manpower for the two working shifts in 24 consecutive hours. For equipment, the Rig has been equipped with the “J” hook roller in order to enable to response with the risk of anchor pennant buoy disappearance and anchors not being recovered. The roller “J” hook would then be responsible for chasing the wires to recover anchors without pennants buoys. In addition, the technical crew also carefully managed time and activities to avoid critical aspects during hours of darkness in order to perform the job at the best level.


With the above well - preparation plan, the TAD – PV DRILLING V successfully performed 24-hour anchor handling operation during rig move, which helped to reduce working time and save money for our client (retrieving 4 days vs 7 days planned and saving B$1M, equivalent to about VND 18 billion). The TAD – PV DRILLING V and its technical crew continued to receive high appreciation of their capacity and professionalism in service provision as well as our effort to improve service quality up to the clients’ expectation and bringing more success to our clients. It also contributes to enhance PV Drilling’s competitive strengths in international drilling markets.

PV Drilling's PR Team.