PV Drilling Division

PV Drilling Division

PVD Drilling Division


As a unit operating in an internationally competitive business environment, at PVD Drilling Division, human resources are always a top priority for the goal of sustainable development. With many technical experts from developed countries around the world such as the United Kingdom, the United States of America, France, Australia ... as well as a well-trained local staff, PVD Drilling Division confidently affirms to be a Pioneer of Vietnam drillers in the oil and gas industry.

Date of Company registration: 19/6/2007 
Registered Business Address:

3rd Floor, Sailing Tower, 111A Pasteur, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 

Base address:   Ha Luu PTSC Port, 65A, Street 30/4, Thang Nhat Ward, Vung Tau City  
Phone:  (+84 - 28) 39 100 662 
Fax:  (+84 - 28) 3 9100 668 
Representative:  Mr. Dinh Quang Nhut 

PVD Drilling Division is one of PV Drilling’s subsidiary that currently manages and operates 04 offshore Jack-up rigs, 01 Land rig and other leased rigs (if any).

As the primary division in charge of PV Drilling’s core business, PVD Drilling Division always prioritizes to develop the human factor in order to ensure resources for sustainable development. Since early 2014, PVD Drilling Division has completed and put into effect the system of rig crew training and development, which has achieved many considerable results.

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Along with the strategy of technical staff’s constant training and development, PVD Drilling Division always focuses on applying information technology into operation. The Division currently applies many international advanced management systems such as Maximo, ERP Oracle, Simplesoft... which contributes to stabilize the rig fleet’s operation, decreasing human-related incidents, enhancing its operational efficiency and competitiveness.

Over 12 years operated in the industry, PVD Drilling Division has closely cooperated with both local and regional oil and gas operators including PVEP, Vietsovpetro, JVPC, Cuu Long JOC, Petronas, Repsol, Sapura Energy, Hibiscus, Groupement Bir Seba... Taking this chance, the Division has built up good relationships and successfully formed partnerships with such international drilling contractors as Maersk, Vantage, JPD, Saipem… by utilizing the available resources of manpower.

In addition, PVD Drilling Division has gained valuable experience while operating at international markets such as Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Algeria ... All drilling rigs operated by PVD Drilling Division have been operating effectively, safety, constantly over 99% of operational efficiency, and highly appreciated by clients. The International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) recognizes Zero Lost Time Incident (Zero LTI) achievements for PV Drilling’s rig fleet which is managed and operated by PVD Drilling Division as follows:

  • PV DRILLING I achieved twelve (12) consecutive years of operation without lost time incident (10/3/2007 - 10/3/2019);
  • PV DRILLING II achieved ten (10) consecutive years of operation without lost time incident (15/9/2009 - 15/9/2019);
  • PV DRILLING III achieved nine (9) consecutive years of operation without lost time incident (12/11/2009 - 12/11/2018);
  • PV DRILLING VI reached four (04) consecutive years of operation without lost time incident (28/2/2015 - 28/2/2019);
  • PV DRILLING 11 reached three (03) consecutive years of operation without lost time incident (01/07/2016 - 01/07/2019).


Jack-up rigs

01. Jack-up rigs

Jack-up rig management and operation has been known as the core business of PVD Drilling Division. Being operated by a team of experienced and dedicated staff, all the jack ups have kept their performance absolute safety (Zero Lost Time Incident) from the first days of operation. Besides, with regular operational efficiency of over 99%, the fleet has made important contributions to the success of safe and effective drilling campaigns of its Contractor.

The whole rig fleet which is operated by the Division has gained valuable experience while operating at overseas markets. They usually receive clients’ compliment letters for their remarkable achievements of safe and effective performance.

Land rig

02. Land rig

With the aim of expanding drilling service abroad, PV Drilling completely built and successfully inaugurated the land rig PV DRILLING 11 in 2007. Since then, PV Drilling has officially implemented the drilling campaign for Groupement Bir Saba in Algeria. PV DRILLING 11 rig was designed and equipped with specialized equipment to adapt with wells with high pressure formation in the harsh condition of the desert. In 2019, PV DRILLING 11 has achieved 3 consecutive years without Lost time Incident (Zero LTI) and reached 99% of operational efficiency rate. This is a significant achievement that PV DRILLING 11 has obtained in such a harsh working environment as Sahara desert.