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PVD-Expro (PV Drilling Expro International) is a joint venture between PVD Logging and Expro International BV, formerly known as PVD-PTI, established on April 25, 2008, in which PVD Logging contributed 51% of equity. PVD - Expro is proud to be the first and professional provider of well testing service and early production equipment for oil and gas operators in Vietnam market.

Date of establishment: 25/4/2008
Head Office: 65A Street 30/4, Thang Nhat Ward, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province
Base and Workshop: 65A Street 30/4, Thang Nhat Ward, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province
Tel: (+84 - 254) 3 597 291/2/3
Fax: (+84 - 254) 3 597 294
Director: Mr. Nguyen Duc Minh

During over 14 years of establishment, PVD - Expro has participated in almost all oil and gas exploration and production projects of oil and gas companies such as PVEP POC, BP TNK, VIETGAZPROM, CLJOC, HLJOC, TLJOC, JVPC, BDPOC, LUKOIL, LSJOC, PETRONAS, CSJOC, ROSNEFT, VSP, MURPHY, REPSOL, ... whereby PVD - Expro has always been highly appreciated by clients for service quality, absolute safety record, cost savings by appropriate technical design and solutions, which brings added values to clients’ projects.

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Along with large investment in advanced testing equipment, PVD - Expro has expanded its manpower supply service with the team of high skilled engineers and technical staff, experienced from worldwide oil companies, aiming to provide personnel for its core business. At the head office in Vung Tau, PVD - Expro has full equipment and manpower, ready to meet the requirements of clients almost immediately, contributing to great efficiency for offshore activities due to time and cost savings, minimizing risk of operation delay or disruption.

PVD - Expro Company affirms to continue developing and providing technical services with higher Safety & Quality criteria to clients.


Well testing and Early production facilities

01. Well testing and Early production facilities

Up to now, Well Testing is best way to assess the reservoir potential at full scale under dynamic conditions. Well Testing determines fluid properties, reservoir pressure, areal extent, flow rates, vertical layering, drawdown pressure, permeability, formation damage, productivity index and much more.

Early Production Facilities enable customers to create early cash flow with minimum cash outlay. They also provide real-time production data that enables our customers to appraise reservoir performance before installing permanent facilities.

With the worldwide standard surface well testing equipment available for exploration and appraisal operations through development and production campaigns, PVD-Expro has the technology and the expertise to acquire accurate and reliable surface well test measurements during each phase of the field development while meeting the most stringent HSE regulations in complex conditions and challenging environments.

The PVD-Expro JV can provide a variety of surface well testing services from 10kpsi to 15kpsi working pressure equipment and with separator packages ranging from liquid up to 10,000bbls/day and gas rates up to 65 MMSCF/D sour services.

Packages are all skid mounted for offshore and onshore use can be quickly mobilized and rig up using temporary pipe packages in safe manner.

Well clean-up and extended well test

02. Well clean-up and extended well test

The purpose of production well clean-up is to remove debris and fluids as well as perforation sand and commission the well, prior to its connection to the permanent production facility.

Extended well test used to generate and accelerate cash-flow from production before bringing a permanent production facility on line; these projects are often associated with remote environments or challenging operating conditions

Extended well testing provides substantial reservoir information which can be used to:

- Establish reservoir behavior
- Evaluate reservoir in real time
- Assess the commerciality and productivity of a field
- Determine the field development plan

Surface sand filters services

03. Surface sand filters services

Sand filters were designed to remove sand or proppant (which can be seriously damaged downstream equipment) from the fluids produced from an oil or gas well.

The current model has two filter pots, each with a removable screen. Each filter pot can be drained to remove the solids, without removing the screens. The frame can be extended to install a lifting device, needed when a screen is removed from the filter pot.

Sand filters have been used on well clean-ups after frac-jobs with proppant, or after perforating jobs to determine which drawdown pressure does the formation start to produce sand.

PVD-Expro sand filter available: 10kpsi WP sour services with max 5000 bbls/day or 50MMcsf/day.

Surface and bottom hole sampling service

04. Surface and bottom hole sampling service

The aim of reservoir fluid sampling is to provide the PVT laboratories with small volumes of fluids under pressure, then after recombination, lead to a sample which is representative of the overall hydrocarbon fluid that fills the pores of the formation. The representative sampling analyses also provide the detailed characterization that modern petroleum engineering requires.

PVD-Expro sampling equipment available:

- Non pressurized sample
- Surface PVT oil & gas sampling
- Single phase Bottom Hole Sampling (BHS) services