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PV Drilling to be honored at the “One million initiatives” Ceremony

The project “Design and fabrication of the force oil feed lubrication system for fairleaders of Anchor Mooring system” of Petrovietnam Drilling and Well Service Corporation (PV Drilling) was honored by Vietnam General Confederation Labour at the “One million initiatives – Efforts to overcome challenges – Creativity and determination to win Covid-19 pandemic”. This remarkable result has once again proved the creativity capability of PV Drilling’s staff.

The project “Design and fabrication of the force oil feed lubrication system for fairleaders of Anchor Mooring system” which was designed by the project team leading by Mr Dinh Quang Nhut – PV Drilling’s Vice President cum Managing Director of PVD Drilling Division (PVD DD); Mr. Dang Trung Du – Maintenance manager of the MME Department, PVD DD and other engineers from the MME Department, has been put into operation since January/2022. As a result, this project has brought back for PV Drilling both economic benefit and brand reputation in the international drilling market.

Mr. Dang Trung Du - Maintenance manager of the MME Department, PVD DD, on behalf of the project team received the award.

On 24/9/2019, PV Drilling officially signed the contract for provision of the TAD – PV DRILLING V rig for Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) in Brunei. This is the most long-term contract that PV Drilling has ever signed. It is also the first drilling campaign of the TAD rig at overseas market. After a long time in cold-stack condition from late 2016, the TAD finally completed the reactivation in April/2021 and prepared for a long journey to Brunei.  

The TAD is equipped with 8 point rope anchor mooring system, enabling it to be anchored to the seabed and keep it in position in a 8-point mooring configuration. At each corner of the TAD, a double of traction winch, storage winch and fairleader are placed on the deck, each traction/storage winch system has its own electrical control cabinet, operation panel (local control stand) located on the same level as the traction winch and the remote central monitoring system in the control room. The fairleader is an important part of the anchor mooring system with function of supporting and guiding the mooring rope in direction of the mooring configuration as well as approaching the plaform. The fairleader is desinged to support a very high load with low friction between the mooring rope and fairleader to prevent damaging of the mooring rope.

The TAD - PV DRILLING V is drilling in Brunei.

In the beginning of November 2021, the TAD - PV DRILLING V rig was moving closely to the drilling site. When the rig started to release 8 anchor wire lines to approach the platform and anchoring, the operations team discovered that the guiding parts of all 8 anchor wire lines could not rotate. At that time, the anchoring process had to stop immediately. This was such a big problem that the opeartions team decided to report to the management to find the best solution.

After reporting to Brohl - the Germany anchor winch manufacturer, they offered some solutions but still failed to succeed. The situation became worse when under the negative effects of Covid-19 pandemic, their staff had to work from home, together with time zone difference leading to the slow two-way communication while trouble shooting needed to be solved as soon as possible so that the TAD rig could start to drill as planned.

The certification issued by Vietnam General Confederation of Labor for the project.

Unable to passively wait for solutions from the manufacturer, PVD DD’s management, especially the Managing Director, Mr. Dinh Quang Nhut has directed the MME department and Drilling department to jointly found the most effective solution. Among solutions to be proposed, the project of Design and fabrication of the force oil feed lubrication system for fairleaders of Anchor Mooring system” seemed to be the most feasible and practical. Another advantage is its cheapest cost as most of materials are available and the current working team on rig can handle it.

However, easier said than done, during the project, the project team also faced various challenges while working as the fairleaders located over seawater outboard of the tender column; therefore, they had to set up erect scaffolding to have enough working space; the limited number of workers, horizontal drilling, drill bit with small diameter of 5/6 inches, equivalent to 8mm while the depth of 120mm, which is easily to be broken if carelessly…

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh congratulated 11 project teams from the Vietnam Oil and Gas sector.

Under the trust, encouragement from PV Drilling’s management, after two weeks, the project team managed to solve the problem, bringing back to PV Drilling many benefits especially ensuring our prestige towards the important client, BSP.

Thanks to this project, the TAD promptly provided drilling service to the client as planned, which contributed to ensure their long-term benefit as well as help to keep our commitment in putting the rig into operation with all machinery at their best mode.

Next is financial benefit, PV Drilling didn’t have to tow the rig back to Keppel FELS Shipyard in Singapore with all the activities including rig moving, repairing and returning to Brunei taking about 50 days, not to mention the cost to buy new machinery. It is calculated that the project has saved about USD 1,596,555, equivalent to VND 37 billion.

From the above-mentioned benefits, it can be said that the project “Design and fabrication of the force oil feed lubrication system for fairleaders of Anchor Mooring system” deserves to be among 11 initiatives of Vietnam’s Oil and Gas Group which was honored by Vietnam General Confederation Labour at the ceremony “One million initiatives – Efforts to overcome challenges – Creativity and determination to win Covid-19 pandemic”.

This project has reflected the spirit of creativity, hard work of PV Drilling’s management and staff. Since its first days of establishment, PV Drilling has always focused on promoting technical innovation initiatives throughout the Corporation. Besides, the Corporation established the Fund for Science and Technology in order to encourage and support the staff to actively research, produce more and more practical and effective projects, products towards the business operation so that labor productivity can be increased; production time and costs can be decreased on the basis of improving service quality and the Corporation's service provision capability. The management defined that only when implementing the technical improvement by ourselves could we minimize service prices and increase the competitive strength in international drilling markets.

Recently, in response to the invention initiative movement of Vietnam General Confederation of Labor and Vietnam Oil and Gas Trade Union, the invention initiative movement at PV Drilling seems to gain more strength. Together with the close guidance and kind support from the Corporation and the Trade union, the staff has chances to develop ideas into useful initiatives and apply to operation. In particular, initiatives which are successfully applied to business operation can be timely encouraged both spiritually and financially by the management to teams and individuals.

Definitely, the project of Mr. Dinh Quang Nhut and team will spread out, helping to create motivation for PV Drilling’s staff to participate in the movement of technical innovation initiatives to improve labor productivity. These contributions will not only be honored in the "1 million initiatives" ceremony but also contribute to overcoming the "double crisis", and affirming PV Drilling’s position and brand reputation in particular and Vietnam's oil and gas industry in general.

PV Drilling's PR Team.