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News & Events

The first HSEQ internal seminar of the year 2022

On July 19th, 2022, the 1st annual HSEQ Internal Seminar of PV Drilling was held in Vung Tau city with the participation of members of HSEQ Division and representatives from Board of Director, people in charge of workshops, production bases and all of the HSEQ officers of the joint ventures and subsidiaries.

Participants of the Seminar

At the seminar, the representative of the HSEQ Division of the Corporation presented The analysis of the results of PV Drilling's HSEQ management system audit which was conducted by DNV in 2021.

HSEQ Division analysed the results of the Audit of the year 2021

The results of PV Drilling's HSEQ Audit of the year 2021 were also analyzed in detail by HSEQ Division at the seminar such as the overall trend of findings of all 3 standards as well as of each ISO standard ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, comparison of findings in 2021 with 2020, and typical examples. From there, making comments and assessments on the status of applying and complying with the requirements of the HSEQ Management System at the subsidiaries throughout the Corporation, and at the same time providing input information for them to review and improve the HSEQ management system of theirs.

Next, PVD DD and PVD Well Services shared their experiences in preparing HSEQ content in the bid for providing drilling rigs as well as well technical services, advantages and difficulties, solutions for handling HSEQ requirements. PVD Offshore's representative shared common violations of occupational safety regulations on drilling rigs, causes and solutions. Many questions and answers were raised and enthusiastically discussed by the participants in the seminar to clarify all aspects of the cause of the incident to propose corrective actions and preventive measures to eliminate the recurrence.

Presentations delivered by presenter and discussed by participants in discussions in the Seminar