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PVD Invest secured PMSS contract with Phu Quoc POC

On 17 May, 2023, in Ho Chi Minh City, PVD Invest - a subsidiary of Petrovietnam Drilling and Well Service Corporation (PV Drilling) secured a Project Management Support Service (PMSS) contract with the Operator of Block B Gas Development Project – Phu Quoc Petroleum Operation Company (PQPOC).

PVD Invest was founded in 2010 with its scopes of services including: the provision of experts and skilled manpower; technical services; equipment and drilling support services. Up to present, PVD Invest has achieved remarkable results in service provision and is considered one of the most reputable service providers with dominating market share in the field of manpower supply for local and international oil and gas contractors operating in Vietnam.

PQPOC is among the Company’s familiar clients. With Block B Gas Development Project, PVD Invest continues to gain client’s trust and secures the PMSS contract with PQPOC for service provision in the upcoming time.

Signing ceremony for PMSS contract between PVD Invest and PQPOC.

PQPOC is an operator of Block B Gas Development Project, an upstream stage. This is a chain of national key projects related to the upstream, midstream and downstream stages; with a large scale of an expected gas production output, over 5 billion m3/year for about 20 years. In addition to ensuring national energy security, the project will contribute to the State budget as well as develop socio-economic fields for the Southwest region. Signing PMSS Contract is an important foundation for Block B Gas Development Project to be implemented so that its final investment decision (FID) will be settled down within quarter 2, 2023 and its first natural gas can reach the mainland by the end of 2026 as planned.

PVD Invest commits to try the best in providing services to PQPOC so that the Company can bring more successes to the client’s project and at the same time, demonstrating our professionalism and integrity - PV Drilling’s two core values, contributing to upgrade PV Drilling’s brand name in the drilling market both domestically and internationally.

PV Drilling's PR Team.