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PV Drilling Chairman visited and worked with PVD Algeria

On 20 May, 2023, Mr. Mai The Toan – Chairman of PV Drilling’s Board of Directors visited and worked with PVD Algeria and the crew on PV DRILLING 11 land rig in Algeria.

The business trip lasts from 20 May, 2023 to 26 May, 2023 in order to encourage and motivate the staff spirit in PVD Algeria and PV DRILLING 11 land rig at Sahara desert as well.

Currently, the land rig is moving to a new drilling site to perform BRS-204 well for GBRS in accordance with the 3-year contract which has been extended to February 2024. At Sahara desert, the sandstorm season has gone and the hot season - the most severe weather while daytime may reach nearly 60 degrees Celsius is coming.

PV Drilling Chairman Mai The Toan (striped shirt, middle) visited and worked with the crew on PV DRILLING 11 at Sahara desert.

The trip is of great significance, expressing strong supports from PV Drilling’s management to those who are working at overseas where potential risks about security, culture and harsh climate are carried, not to mention limited living conditions and an army guard protecting 24/7 to ensure security.

As for PV Drilling, PV DRILLING 11 is the first owned rig to implement drilling contracts at overseas markets from August, 2007. With the young workforce, PV Drilling had to recruit international experts for rig operation in the beginning. Since 2011, PV DRILLING 11 has completely been operated by Vietnamese crew. Algeria is also regarded as a training center for Vietnamese rig operators and managers where many key staff have developed from this extremely harsh environment.

It is definitely concluded that PV DRILLING 11 is a symbol of pioneering and success in realizing PV Drilling’s strategy of “Cross to overseas” from the first days the Corporation started to provide drilling service. In addition, the land rig has brought considerable contributions to PV Drilling's revenue and profit as well as enhanced PV Drilling’s brand name in international drilling markets.

PV Drilling's PR Team.