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The preparation for PV DRILLING III to start drilling in Malaysia were commenced(10/24/2017)

In early October, the preparation for PV DRILLING III to start drilling in Malaysia were commenced. Particularly, on October 6th, Petronas Malaysia’s delegation of top management paid a rig acceptance visit to PV DRILLING III, which was anchored in Vung Tau at the time, to inspect and complete all the preparation work before rig move.

The next day, on October 7th, at Vung Tau Palace Hotel, a safety seminar was hosted by PV Drilling with the participation of representatives of the top managements of both PV Drilling Corporation and Petronas Malaysia as well as the members of PV DRILLING III. During the workshop, a number of team-building activities were conducted to enhance mutual understanding as well as to achieve the highest level of cooperation in the upcoming drilling campaign.

The workshop took place in a warm and open atmosphere, attracting the enthusiasm of everyone. At the workshop, the leaders of the two parties also shared valuable experience and the expectation for safety performance in the forthcoming drilling campaign in Malaysia.
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