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Longest basement well drilled in Viet Nam(10/13/2008)

Letter from Dr. Ngo Huu Hai - General Manager of Hoan Vu JOC sent to Dr. Do Van Khanh - CEO of PV Drilling VN with details below :

It is with great pleasure that the Management and Staff at Hoan Vu JOC wish to pass on this message of congratulations to PV Drilling-1 for the accomplishment of several milestones in the drilling of the well 9-2-CNV-2P well which was drilled to a total measured depth of 6,526 metres. This drilled depth represents the longest well drilled in the granite basement in the Cuu Long Basic in Viet Nam to date.
During the drilling of this well several other accomplishment are worthy of note and should be recognized as an indication of the operational levels that have been reached by PVD Drilling as a company, and more specifically indicates the success of the team offshore in the management of PV Drilling-1 and the drilling operation.
An earlier success was recorded in the drilling of the 12.1/4” hole section of the same well to the top of the granite basement. This operational accomplishment was recorded as being extremely significant and proved that most of the historical difficulties in drilling the deeper clastics sections at Ca Ngu Vang can in fact be surmounted in future operations. This again is clearly a direct result of the professional attitude and positive team work exhibited by the personel who operate PV Drilling-1.
The latest achievement, following the re-entry of the well, drilling to the original target total depth and then deepening the 8.1/2” hole section was sufficiently successful to prove that the combined efforts of PV Drilling-1 and the crews that operate the rig can in fact meet any of the challenges that they may be faced with in drilling quite difficult well in Viet Nam.
To reach the total depth of 6,526 metres a total of 2,238 metres of granite was drilled. The final vertical depth of 4,608 metres represents the deepest hole section drilledc into the basement. An additional point to note that the drilling of the section from the previously drilled depth was completed in five days less than anticipated.
It is also recognized that these operational accomplishments have been made with an excellent record with regards to HSE and virtually zero mechanical down time or recordable NPT.

Congratulations goes to PV Drilling-1, the Senior Staff and Crews of PV Drilling and their associated companies, and the Service Company personnel that make the team offshore a successful one.

See the attached file below for more details.

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