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Desktop Drill at PVD-Drilling Division(07/26/2017)

In addition to the weekly emergency/evacuation drills on the drilling rigs, on June 21, at the PVD-DD’s EEC Room, a desktop drill with the participation of  10 members from the departments of HSEQ, HR, Operation and Rig Managers of PV DRILLING I, III and VI, was held by the PVD-DD HSEQ Department. The rehearsal also involved staff of the PV DRILLING VI.

In the scenario,  a big fire incident happened in the rig’s engine room causing injuries to many people, including the PVD Drilling Division and PVD Offshore personnel. In this situation, it was necessary to call for the helicopter to bring the injured people back to the hospital on-shore as soon as possible. The goal is that all emergency response team members should clearly understand their responsibilities, and act accordingly. They were assumed to contact with the International SOS, PVD Offshore to arrange medic evacuation, at the same time to ensure that the right information is passed on to the right person at the right time and all the injured personnel have been put on thehelicopter to be transferred safely to the onshore hospital.

Emergency Desktop drill at PVD Drilling Division

Right after the drill, the drill teamdiscussed and pointed out some improvements that should be added to the Emergency Response Manual, in order to increase the capacity of emergency response at PVD Drilling Division.
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