HSE, industrial hygiene activities and HSEQ internal seminar(07/23/2018)

In quarter 2/2018, the HSEQ Division organized a total of 4 inspections, focusing on HSE-activities, industrial hygiene, fire prevention and fire fighting. The inspections were designed to assess the compliance, each focused on exclusive contents and criteria. Therefore, the inspection teams were selected accordingly.

In two days, April 16th and 17th, the HSEQ Division organized the inspection to assess the compliance with the Law on Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting at following PV Drilling’s offices in Ho Chi Minh City: the Head-Office, PVD Drilling Division, PVD Logging, PVD DeepWater, PVD-Baker Hughes, PVD Well Services and PVD Tech. The inspection content includes the readiness of the Fire Prevention & Fire-fighting facilities and equipment and related dossiers. As the result, all the offices have complied with the legal requirements on the subject.
In response to the Second National Action Month For Occupational Safety & Hygiene and Fire Protection , on May 16th, HSEQ Division in collaboration with the Labor Union Committee carried out a field inspection of HSE, industrial hygiene, fire prevention and fire-fighting at bases as well as production facilities of 13 member units, joint-ventures of PV Drilling Corporation, located in Phu My, Dong Xuyen industrial zones and PTSC Supply Base in Ba Ria- Vung Tau. This is one of the activities under PV Drilling’s 2018 HSE Action Plan implemented by the HSEQ Division (HSE Walkabout 1/2018), in conjunction with the appraisal for responding activities for the 2018 National Action Month of Occupational Safety & Hygiene and Fire Protection with criteria established by the Labor Union Committee. In accordance with the content and criteria of the evaluation, the inspection team included HSEQ staff from HSEQ Division and the subsidiaries’ HSEQ Departments, divided into 3 groups, of each participated one member of the Labor Union Committee.

Un-announced HSE inspection by HSEQ Division on July 9th, 2018

The next day, May 17th, in Vung Tau City, HSEQ Division held the first HSEQ Internal Seminar in 2018, with the participation of the inspection team the previous day, together with HSEQ personnel as well as managers of PV Drilling’s subsidiaries. At the seminar, the results of HSE Walkabout were presented and discussed. Particularly, all the observations recorded in the last inspection were confirmed to have been corrected. The Walkabout report also noted several categories that need to be improved: Safety at the workplace, Fire Prevention & Fire-fighting, First Aid, Emergency Response, Chemical Safety and Machine & Equipment Safety.

Besides, the seminar also discussed on practical issues related to the improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of PV Drilling’s HSEQ-MS, such as: the application of the requirement on Corporate’s context analysis of the ISO management system standards, the requirements of the newly issued OHS-MS standard ISO 45001: 2018. In addition, PVD-Baker Hughes shared the experience of using images of typical incidents related to their activities in safety awareness training, especially to improve the skill for identification of potentially unsafe hazards at work.

HSEQ Internal Seminar 1 - 2018

Next, on July 9th and 10th, HSEQ Division conducted the second unannounced inspection of HSE, industrial hygiene, fire prevention & fire-fighting at all production facilities as well as shore bases in Ba Ria - Vung Tau. In addition to carrying out field inspection, the inspection team also addressed the correction of the observations recorded in the Walkabout 1/2018 in May. Moreover, the subsidiaries also implemented their own inspection program, according to their 2018 HSE Action Plan. Particularly, PVD Offshore deployed an HSE Walkabout program on May 15th and PVD Well Services held an inspection on PPE on April 24th, 2018.
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